Half-PPR Weekly Finishes, Weeks 1-9

Hi! We are a brazilian group of guys that talks about FF in portuguese, but this time we’d like to reach most of the players around the world, which speaks english. So this article is meant for you, people! Enjoy it!

Arizona Cardinals

  • Kyler Murray is a beast this year and should keep that rhythm.
  • So Drake sounds like he was a fluke in the last season second half, and Edmonds has been getting some nice amounts of targets even with KD on the field.
  • Hopkins is as good as it gets, although Kirk is getting the TDs, but I wouldn’t worry.
  • Since I drafted Jermaine Gresham back in 2015, I’ve never seen tight ends thrive in Arizona.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Ryan is always a good guy to have; unfortunately is no longer cheap in drafts.
  • Gurley is hitting paydirt even in a worse team.
  • All that Ridley and Julio need is health, because the targets will be there for them.
  • Sounds like Hurst is finally grooving with Matty Ice.

Baltimore Ravens

  • So Lamar is superflex-caliber now. Defenses watch film anyway.
  • RBBC + injuries = low consistency to whoever touches the ball.
  • Le’ts wait another year for Hollywood Brown’s breakout season.
  • Even Andrews’ production is getting hurt this year.

Buffalo Bills

  • Josh Allen bounced back against the Seahawks. Is this a good sign ROS?
  • What in the world was I thinking when I drafted Singletary in the first 3 rounds? Moss is trending up and is set to lead the backfield from now on.
  • Diggs and Brown are usable when available.
  • Kroft and Knox make me scratch my head sometimes, but mostly I forget them (as Allen does too).

Carolina Panthers

  • Teddy B is one of the best streamers this year. I like him outside fantasy too.
  • CMC is in my prayers every week (and I have zero shares of him). Mike Davis did good most of the time when all alone.
  • WR corps is a mystery season-wise. Now it’s Samuel’s show.
  • Ian Thomas got a lot of weeks to be good, but wasn’t.

Chicago Bears

  • Did the QB change make things better? In fantasy I couldn’t see the difference.
  • What can I say about Monty? What I can say is that this offense would be better with Tarik Cohen.
  • Our guy ARob needs more love and better QBs. Damn.
  • Jimmy G is way past his best days.

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Joey might not be consistent, but is not afraid of passing the ball. Better days (seasons?) ahead.
  • Judging by Gio’s last weeks, Mixon might have a strong finish when he gets back.
  • No WR is safe to play here, but Boyd is far from the worst. Higgins is good dynasty material.
  • Like Arizona, nothing to see among tight ends.

Cleveland Browns

  • Baker isn’t baking as Russ’ cooking.
  • That backfield is flashing, but is a committee after all.
  • Things are sad at the WR corps without OBJ. Not that he was gold.
  • Speaking of OBJ, Hooper might be a safer option from now on.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Magic Dak is long gone now and the whole team struggles.
  • Starting from Zeke, our former super-consistent guy.
  • Lamb has good PPR floor, I guess. Cooper is a high-risk business.
  • I think Schultz won’t be consistent, but might be a good stream based on matchups.

Denver Broncos

  • Lock is going up, but tread carefully.
  • Lindsay is back and he is hurting Melvin Gordon (who is already hurting himself off the field).
  • Sutton is soooo missed.
  • Albert O is gone for the season, so if Fant stays healthy, he’s got good ceiling ahead.

Detroit Lions

  • I’ve thought that Matt Stafford would be gold this year based on his half-season numbers last year, but fooled myself.
  • All we need from Swift is that he gets rid of AP. Detroit has been a bad backfield for years, and quantity doesn’t mean quality.
  • Marvin Jones is another one I cursed by drafting him. Golladay is a starter anyway.
  • TJ Hockenson is this team’s MVP so far.

Green Bay Packers

  • Rodgers is taking that lemon and doing some sweet lemonade. Show some Love.
  • I thought that Aaron Jones would regress a lot from last year, but he’s proving otherwise. “Not today”.
  • Adams is being Adams (my goodness… my team needs Lazard ASAP. I can’t stand MVS).
  • Since I started watching GB games and rooting for them, I’ve never had a tight end to love.

Houston Texans

  • “The Show” Watson is “happier” without BO’B.
  • David Johnson is realiable when healthy. Health has been his problem since Arizona.
  • Speaking of health, I’m so happy for Will Fuller, he deserves his good season (though I have, again, zero shares of him).
  • As JJ Zachariason says, TE position is a dumspter fire this year, and Houston is a good example of that.

Indianapolis Colts

  • We can’t trust Rivers even as a streamer.
  • Jonathan Taylor is dealing with an injury called RBBC.
  • This WR corps is as good as Baltimore’s.
  • And we can find a TEBC here too!

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Minshew had done his superflex role before he got injured. Now Luton has a job while the mustache nurses his hand issue.
  • James Robinson is challenging Justin Herbert for OROY.
  • Chark is the only guy to trust, but not every week.
  • Eifert is healthier, but far from his best days in Cincy.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • We can’t complain about having Pat Mahomes in our roster ever. Not too consistent this year, but better than most and leading the ranks.
  • CEH doesn’t need Bell right now, but I think he survives.
  • Tyreek Hill is very good, but not as good as…
  • Travis Kelce.

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Justin Herbert, wow!
  • Josh Kelley frightened me because of my Ekeler dynasty shares, but he isn’t ready yet. While #30 is out, nobody was mikedavis’h.
  • Keenan Allen is my guy and you can’t take that away from me.
  • Hunter Henry sure is disappointing most of us.

Los Angeles Rams

  • No surprises for me about Goff. He needs the perfect spot to shine.
  • So Darrell Henderson is…a good flex. I’ll take it.
  • Woods x Kupp isn’t as entertaining as…
  • Higbee x Everett. Those committees are too much for me.

Las Vegas Raiders

  • Carr is sitting well in that superflex plateau.
  • Before season, I was sure that Jacobs wasn’t a first rounder. Well, he has the volume, but isn’t consistent. However, judging by 2020, I can’t complain. Good RBs are hard to find (and buy) this year.
  • The WR group lacks talent. And Ruggs needs help.
  • Waller is balling. Who else should Derek feed besides him and JJ?

Miami Dolphins

  • Fitz was doing good but Flores couldn’t wait to start Tua. Thanks for the points, Magic.
  • Gaskin is good, man. So good that the rest of the guys can’t challenge him.
  • Williams wasn’t good before injury. Is Parker getting startable again?
  • Gesicki is in that same spot as Hunter Henry. Maybe next year.

Minnesota Vikings

  • Cousins has been a superflex, as expected.
  • Even when he got hurt against Seattle, Cook didn’t let us down. What a beast.
  • Thielen/Jefferson is a rollercoster like Thielen/Diggs used to be. It’s fun to watch when you don’t have them in your teams.
  • So Irv is flirting with a late breakout. Watch him.

New England Patriots

  • As long as Cam runs, he gets a good floor. But positive scripts are needed.
  • If you don’t know it by now, you should: you sholdn’t touch this backfield.
  • Can Meyers stand for this growth? I guess so. He’s basically all that Cam got these days.
  • TE corps doesn’t exist in NE since Gronk left.

New Orleans Saints

  • Breezy is doing fine most of the time.
  • Talent – concurrency = Alvin Kamara.
  • When Thomas isn’t fighting injuries, he’s fighting his own head.
  • Cook was supposed to be more consistent than that, but it is what it is.

New York Giants

  • Danny Dimes is rolling…on the ground.
  • Without Saquon and Devonta, Gallman is looking better than we could expect, but ROS won’t be so nice to him (or Freeman).
  • With DJ at the helm, we can’t expect much from his receivers.
  • After I left my only share of Evan Engram, he started balling. Typical.

New York Jets

  • The Jets is a complete dumpsterfire…
  • Except for Jamison Crowder (which is struggling as well).

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Wentz is the good streamable who wasn’t replaced by Jalen Hurts…yet.
  • So long, Boston Scott. Miles’ coming back.
  • Are Travis Fulgham’s days over with Reagor and Jeffery returning from injuries?
  • Let’s see how good will be Goedert after also getting back on the field.

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Big Ben has been good in superflex formats.
  • Conner’s being healthy and we like it.
  • Here we are with another WR rollercoaster.
  • Ebron is among a lot of waiver wire tight ends this year.

Seattle Seahawks

  • Russ is cooking and nothing else matters.
  • Carson is dealing with injury, like most in his career, but…
  • DK is eating DBs in the breakfast, with special guest Tyler Lockett.
  • With all that WR production, the TE’s are starving.

San Francisco 49ers

  • I wonder why the 49ers are spending that much on Jimmy G.
  • They provided us at least 1 top-24 RB every single week, alongside many injuries.
  • Injuries that plagued the whole team, and decimated the WR corps, which can’t get stable.
  • Kittle is the worst of their offensive losses.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Brady is one of the best superflexes this year.
  • RoJo was losing share before his fumble. It’s hard not to see Fournette on the field splitting snaps and touches.
  • Godwin got injuries and Antonio Brown is around. It means that it’s hard to guess who is gonna score.
  • Gronk had a good streak before that Saints game. Can he bounce back and stay on top?

Tennessee Titans

  • Tanny Boy is another superflex to trust.
  • King Henry is a beast in games he score. He is bad when doesn’t step into the endzone.
  • AJ Brown is keeping pace from last season, but had an injury and missed some early games.
  • Jonnu is being regular, which is good for the TE position.

Washington Football Team

  • And we thought we wouldn’t see Alex Smith on the field. QB situation is so bad over there that this happened.
  • Gibson is a good flex and McKissic is starting to look like it.
  • McLaurin isn’t top but is Washington’s oasis.
  • Logan Thomas was a dart throw for this season anyway, so his bad weeks aren’t a let-down.

I hope you guys liked it. Please throw me a feedback (positive or negative) at @rui_mos. Much appreciated!

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